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Welcome to the 50/90 Challenge

This is the marathon of songwriting known as the 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge. Between July 4th and October 1st, participants attempt to write fifty songs. Songwriters will test their creative mettle by trying to create a finished song in less than 2 days every day for nearly 3 months.

During these 90 days participants will encourage each other, collaborate, give and gain feedback on their new creations and push themselves to practice and refine their skills in songwriting. Whether long time vets of songwriting or picking up the pen for the first time, participants will grow their skills in making music... and just might have some fun along the way.

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Weekly Challenges

Week 13 - Finish It

the week 13 challenge is to finish up something you didn't think you'd get finished by the end of 5090. Just finish it, however it turns out. Something you didn't think you'd get round to. And if you haven't got anything unfinished, then i'd like you to write a song about getting something finished. I'm thinking of getting something finished that gives you some satisfaction to see it done (but actually you may have other ideas about what it means to write a song about getting something finished).

So, either a finished song that you thought would remain unfinished, or a song about getting something finished, please!

tag it: week13

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